I, the individual participating in a Commonwealth Leagues United (“CLUnited”) summer collegiate baseball league, either Lewis & Clark Baseball League (“LCBL” or Thin Air Baseball League (“TABL”) (hereafter, “a CLUnited league”) during Summer 2016, and, if necessary due to my age of minority, mental incapacity, or any other reason, my parent(s) and/or guardian(s), third-party registrant(s), or anybody else who is contracting on my behalf (individually or collectively, “I”) in regards to my participation in CLUnited league, hereby agree to play baseball in CLUnited league during the Summer of 2016.

I understand this season shall commence on or around May 25, 2016 and conclude on or around August 10, 2016, and I commit myself to its entirety. I hereby certify that all the information contained herein accurate, and I have status as an amateur player. 

I further certify that I am eligible to play as determined by the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, and/or any other applicable collegiate certification body, including the conference of which my college/university is a member.

In so doing, I agree to pay the 2016 Registration Fee (“Reg Fee”) in full, plus any applicable taxes, fees, or the like, and agree to participate in the fundraising program administered by CLUnited ("50/50 program"). This 50/50 program requires me to pay 50 percent of the cost of my baseball season, as well as utilize a crowd-fundraising source to raise the remaining 50 percent from outside sources. If I cannot raise the remaining 50 percent, I agree to remit the difference to CLUnited by May 15, 2016 or some other date as determined by CLUnited.

I also acknowledge that If I wish to pay with cash, I must do so via a bank check card bearing Visa or MasterCard and acknowledge that paper checks or actual money will not be accepted.

Through this contract I commit myself to play baseball in a CLUnited league during the 2016 summer season. I also agree to pay my Reg Fee by May 15, 2016, via either: (a) one lump sum payment; or (b) via a series of structured payments over several months (“installment plan”). I understand that the installment plan will require me to pay more than the lump sum payment in order to cover associated costs and fees incurred by CLUnited league, and I understand and accept that I am obligated to pay the entire Reg Fee even if I decide to no longer play baseball in CLUnited league during Summer 2016 for any reason or no reason at all. I acknowledge and agree that failure to do so, or failure to pay any balance due, shall result in my inability to participate in any CLUnited-sanctioned activities.

Further, I acknowledge that I have read, and I understand and accept, CLUnited’s “Refund/Deregistration Policy” contained in a separate document, but incorporated into this contract. In summary, this policy explicitly states that CLUnited cannot and will not issue refunds except on a rarely employed medical exemption, and that even if I elect, for whatever reason or no reason, not to play in a CLUnited league in 2016, or cannot play, for whatever reason or no reason, in a CLUnited league in 2016, I will still pay the totality of my Reg Fee and any balance otherwise due as determined by CLUnited up to $1,000. This is true whether I play one, all, or no games.

I also agree to pay an Apparel Fee, should my team so require, no later than March 15, 2016. I hereby expressly permit CLUnited to charge, debit, withdraw, and/or transact (as may be appropriate) my credit card, check card, bank account, or other payment method provided during this registration process, for this Apparel Fee up to $1000 in the event that I fail to pay the fee by the stated deadline.

If I fail to pay the Reg Fee, or I fail to pay the Reg Fee by the established deadlines, I agree to incur a penalty of twenty (20) percent per month (cumulative), and that I expressly permit CLUnited to submit my non-payment for collection and/or subject the non-payment to the judicial process.

I hereby acknowledge, understand, and agree that my participation in a CLUnited league is at my own cost and risk, and that I am not entitled to any compensation or remuneration, of any nature, for any reason related to my participation. I also agree to abide by the CLUnited Handbook or a CLUnited league handbook, of which I will receive a copy of electronically before the commencement of the summer season. This will require me, amongst other things, to take proper care of my uniform and other equipment that is issued to me and return it to the proper team officials upon request. I understand this Handbook, upon its publication and delivery to me, is hereby incorporated into this contract.

I hereby grant permission to any CLUnited or CLUnited league Official, Officer, Manager, Coach, Trainer and/or Medical Staff to obtain medical care for me from Miller Orthopedics, emergency medical personnel, or a hospital and/or medical clinic in the event that I am injured or become ill while involved in any capacity with CLUnited league games. I also certify that I possess medical insurance, and/or accept full financial responsibility for any and all medical care consumed by me, whether voluntary or not, as a result of participating in the CLUnited league.

Additionally, I agree that, should I so require sports medical attention from May 25, 2016 until August 10, 2016, I will in ALL cases where I suspect I have a baseball-related injury, seek sports medical attention from Miller Orthopedics in Chesterfield, Mo., unless Miller Orthopedics refers me to another medical provider that may include a sports medicine provider with whom I have an ongoing relationship.

I, my parents and/or guardians, and my heirs and assigns, hereby agree to release, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless CLUnited, its leagues, my team, national affiliation organization, and any other individual, entity, and/or facility directly involved in CLUnited from any claim arising out of any injury, accidents, or loss arising from negligence on the part of my team, CLUnited, a CLUnited league, or any individual, entity, and/or facility involved with CLUnited.

I also hereby acknowledge, understand, and accept that CLUnited might require me to sign additional waivers, statements, and agreements and/or other similar documents governing my participation in a CLUnited league, and expressly agree that I will expeditiously do so upon CLUnited’s request. If I fail to sign such documents when proffered to me, I understand I will be ineligible to participate in a CLUnited league and waive any recollection of my Reg Fee.


Just so this is clear, I understand and accept CLUnited league’s Refund Policy.                 

I also agree to register or that have registered with CLUnited

CLUnited, its league(s), my team(s), and I agree to enter into this Agreement voluntarily and I agree to read and accept the Waiver/Release below. 


  1. For the purposes of this document, “Player” means the individual participating in the Lewis & Clark Baseball League (“CLUnited league”) during Summer 2016, and, when a section below refers to off-field, "Player" shall include any parent and/or guardian of said individual, third-party registrant of said individual, and/or anybody else who might or is acting on said individual’s behalf as it relates to participation in a CLUnited league.

  2. In the unlikely event a medical emergency arises during a sanctioned practice (including weekly optional/mandatory workouts) or game, the Commissioner (or his proxy), Manager or Assistant Coach(es) will immediately contact 9-1-1 and Player will be taken to the nearest hospital for medical care.

  3. he Player or the Player’s parent or guardian carry and maintain health insurance that provides coverage on behalf of Player and/or agree to be responsible for any and all medical bills Player may incur as a result of participating in the CLUnited league.

  4. In case of injury to Player, the Player or the Player’s parent or guardian will apply hospitalization and/or accident insurance toward payment of the expenses incurred and will not look to CLUnited league for the payment of any medical costs or injury-related costs.

  5. It is critical for the CLUnited league, Commissioner (or his proxy), Manager, or Assistant Coach(es) to be made aware by the Player of any pre-existing medical conditions Player may have prior to participating in any and all sanctioned CLUnited league activities, up to and including illness, general aches and pains, blisters on the hands or feet, and any other ailment that could be further aggravated by proceeding in CLUnited league activities, such as practice and games.

  6. Player agrees to inform CLUnited league, Commissioner, Manager, and/or Assistant Coach(es) of any pre-existing medical conditions, up to and including the ones described in ¶(2), prior to Player’s activity in CLUnited league practices or games and will hold CLUnited league, Commissioner, Manager, and/or Assistant Coaches harmless for his failure to do so.

  7. Player understands that prior to each practice or game, Player must notify CLUnited league, Manager, or Assistant Coach(es) of any changes to Player’s medical condition.

  8. Helmets must be worn by Player while batting, while standing in the First and Third base coach's boxes, and at any other time the Commissioner, Manager or Assistant Coach(es) deem to be appropriate.  Additionally, the Player has inspected and agrees to accept such protective equipment (if any is provided by the CLUnited league) “as is,” and agrees that there are no warranties with respect to such equipment. If Player uses his own helmet, for whatever reason, he agrees to wear such equipment “as is” and CLUnited league offers no warranties with respect to such equipment.

  9. Notice of and Assumption of Risk: Player understands and agrees participation in all CLUnited league-sanctioned activity can be dangerous and may expose the Player to risk of serious bodily injury and possibly death. These risks include, but are not limited to, the possibility of injuries from batted baseballs and baseball bats, vehicle accidents while traveling to and from such activities, and equipment failure. Player understands and agrees that no degree of care or caution can completely eliminate these risks.

  10. Release of Liability: Player hereby releases the CLUnited league from liability for any and all injuries and damages, including death, arising from Player’s participation in any and all athletic activities undertaken sanctioned by the CLUnited league, including the use of any and all equipment provided or furnished to Player, if any. In so doing, Player releases CLUnited league from all liability, including, but not limited to, liability for negligence, failure to warn, product liability and warranty arising out of or in any way connected with Player’s participation in CLUnited league-sanctioned activities.

  11. Player and/or his proxy (“Player”), the undersigned, has carefully read this agreement and fully understands its contents. Player acknowledges he is aware that this is a waiver of liability, release of important legal rights, and a disclaimer of important warranties. By agreeing to register and remit Reg Fee to CLUnited, Player provides an electronic signature on this Agreement in consideration of Player’s participation in CLUnited activities, and that this Agreement is part of an enforceable contract between the undersigned and the CLUnited, which Player signs intentionally, informatively, and voluntarily.